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Abundant Life Service
Worship: 10:10a

Learning thru worship + fun

  1. Managing Director
    Pastor Derek visiting the Little Dippers
  2. Managing Director
    Children's Communion
  3. Managing Director
    The kids enjoying a cookout
  4. Managing Director
    Sunday morning bell ringing
  5. Managing Director
    Baptism Sunday
  6. Managing Director
    Launch Space Explorer's class
  7. Managing Director
    Baptism Sunday
  8. Managing Director
    Children's Communion
  9. Managing Director
    Launch Shooting Star's class

Through Tots Learning Center and our Godly Play Children's Ministry Sunday School,
we have many opportunities for children to learn about Jesus
through fun activiites and worship participation.

Godly Play Sunday School

Imagine a place where your children have all the time they need... to hear God's stories and to wonder. A place where your children learn that parables are like precious gifts, we can't buy them, or take them or steal them... they're already ours. A place where they learn that Jesus is with them in all places and in all time. A Godly Play Worship Center offers just such a place. In a world that pushes harder and harder – faster and faster, we dare to create a special place where children have all the time they need to experience God and to wonder.

Godly Play is available for all kids up to 5th grade!
We also have a nursery open each Sunday for younger children.